Managing My Own Expectations

I need to manage expectations better.  What do I mean by that?

For this post, I’m not referring about expectations that come from work, nor am I referring to expectations that are from my community involvement.  I’m talking about expectations that I have for myself – things that I expect that I’m able to do and able to complete.

Perhaps it has to do with age, but I truly believe that if I put myself to any task, I am fully capable of completing it.  This line of thinking is starting to bite back.  I think the problem that I have is that I enjoy doing many things and staying busy.  Compound that with an unwillingness to stand on the sidelines means that you get someone that may be overcommitted.  Am I overcommitted?  No, I don’t think so – but with so many different opportunities for engagement, it’s important for me to step back and reevaluate to determine what is truly important to me.

What’s important is that whatever I do has the potential for impact, has the ability to positively affect someone’s life.  Okay, great, but everything that’s community related is like that…  Fair; then I would say that it has to have significant impact, and that I need to be able to find an opportunity to be deeply engaged in it.  I realize that I have very little interest in working with successful organizations.  Successful organizations don’t need the help – they’re already doing fine without additional support.  Seems like what’s important to me is making sure that the community groups that I care about are functioning sustainably by the time I “graduate.”

I had this discussion a while back with a good friend of mine, and we both agreed that we take much more interest in small organizations than the big established ones.  There’s always more excitement in that kind of atmosphere, never knowing what tomorrow will bring.  The key to my success will be transforming my passion and interest for that into a career.  The question now, is “How?”

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