Coming late to the game (eReaders)…

So I’ve started reading.

“Well duh, everyone reads.”

What I mean is that I’ve started reading books a lot more frequently and with a lot more interest.  I’m not sure what sparked this literary renaissance, but I enjoy it.  As I mentioned, I wrapped up the 21 Indisputable Qualities of a Leader and Nonprofit Management the past two weeks.  This morning I closed the cover on “Building Social Business” by Dr. Muhammad Yunus.  I was fortunate to hear him speak at the Duke 2010 Commencement, but I’ll elaborate more on his speech and his book in another post.

The reason why I titled this post “Coming late to the game” is that I’m considering purchasing an eReader.  Yes, I hear everyone saying the same thing: “What!?  Only a few short months ago you were decrying the ridiculousness of eReaders and how much you enjoyed pages in your hand etc. etc. etc.”  I’ll admit… I’m backtracking a bit on this.  But having just wolfed down three books and on the prowl for others, it is very tempting to get a lightweight portable device that can download books for me on a whim.  I can just imagine the ease of reading, the lightweight device, another gadget for Cris…

In light of that, I present the choices that I am considering for my eReader!

The first choice is of course, nothing at all.  This is the most economical solution as it stands, saving me hundreds of dollars in buying yet another gadget that I may not use regularly (I promise that I will though, I swear).

The other choices that I’m faced with at the moment include the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes and Nobles Nook, the Apple iPad, and the enTourage eDGe.  From what I can tell, the selection of books that I would enjoy reading are vast in the Kindle, Nook, and iPad, whereas the  eDGe seems to be lacking in some of its literary choices.  However, in terms of functionality, the iPad and the eDGe run iPhone OS and Android respectively, allowing for greater multi-use of the device.  Certainly this comes at a price of about double the eReader only systems.  Also, I think there are Kindle Apps and B&N Apps available for download to the more full featured devices, meaning that I could get access to those libraries while using the other devices.

Choices, choices, choices…  The question now is what to do about it?  Maybe I’ll just let this mull, and when the time passes, I won’t want one anymore…

4 thoughts on “Coming late to the game (eReaders)…

  1. Don’t be a douche and get an iPad. Get the Nook, with the new update, it rocks. ^ not an eReader user…yet….

  2. Hey Cris, I have been thinking about getting a eReader myself as well. But I’m not nearly as much of a reader as you are, so I’ve been holding off. I recently played with the kobo reader in Chapters, it’s only $150… … not a bad candidate as well.

  3. If you’re using it primarily for reading books, don’t get an iPad (unless you can come up with some contrived reasons as to why you’d need the ‘extra’ features an iPad has over an ordinary netbook/notebook…)

    E-ink is much, much more pleasing to the eye when you have to do a crapton of reading!

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