Gov 2.0 Expo Live Blog Day 1

Cloud 101 by Alistair Croll
Finally!  Another Canadian.  Alistair’s presentation had the right mix of Canadian humor, arrested development, and tech speak to make it definitely worthwhile to stick it through the late afternoon.  I also have to apologize for updating this late, real life tends to get in the way of my blogging.  Alistair’s presentation on Cloud 101 was fantastic, covering the different paradigms of cloud computing, ranging from private to public clouds and also from infrastructure as a service, to platforms as a service, to software as a service.  I  believe he is putting the presentation up on Bitcurrent, and I’ll definitely link to it if I can.  It’s a great overview/introduction on Cloud computing.

Mission Possible: Putting Linked Government Data on the Web by Sandro Hawks and John Sheridan
I actually had the good fortune to sit next to one of the W3C folks giving this talk at lunch, which gave me a precursor to this meeting. So what is linked data? Linked data uses web identifiers, publishes information as web resources and uses triples to describe the data. This allows us to bring information together, in a publish it first and figure it out later kind of way (ensuring a publishing standard of course). The use of linked data by the government leads to responsible publishing, meaning that the original context of the data doesn’t change. I thought this was a really great and interesting concept. One idea that was floated during lunch was to put all the data being reported online and in the public domain. This would mean all the information the states etc. submit to the federal government would automatically be availble to everyone. That’s a pretty cool forward thinking idea. Something else that I learned that was cool was that something can be posted online in different formats and clients can pick the best format for them to use through client negotiation. Pretty cool stuff!

Creating a Social Media Strategy by Dan Zarella
My main takeaway from this talk was pthat ideas spread because of people, not because they’re good, funny or gimmicky. There was some really greater observations about memes and memetics. A good explanation of what makes something popular on Facebook and twitter was done through data driven means, which I liked. Mainly people spread ideas because of personal relevance, so the idea is to make ideas relevant by figuring out what people care about and mashing it up to create relevant content pieces. I am going to try looking for the slides, this was a cool presentation on social media strategy.


“Navigating the Maze” by Carolyn Lawson
My main takeaway from this talk was that social media policies needed to be interactive with other policies. The idea that people drove social media, not technology, and that this was really a significant cultural revolution in the way business is being run was put forth. Social media is a part of the workplace, there’s really no turning back. Public servants need to embrace the idea that they are public servants 24/7, and even if it’s after hours what they say could be misconstrued. To change management thinking on social media, it is best to point to best practices.

Good websites:

My Schedule:
9:00 – “Navigating the Maze”
10:45 – “Creating a Social Media Strategy: The Data Shows Why It’s Important”
1:15 – “Mission Possible: Putting Government Linked Open Data on the Web”
3:00 – “Cloud 101”


I’m going to be live blogging the events of the Gov 2.0 Expo as they happen! Updates will appear up top, I hope everyone enjoys!

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