Gov 2.0 Expo Live Blog Day 3



Next Generation Policy Making – The Move Toward Online Collaboration & Open Government by … tons of people ….

What does OpenGovernment mean?  I hope this session is good, there’re so much issues between Policy and the Open Government directive.  Let’s make it happen!

National Academy of Public Administration indicated that they’ve got some direct assistance for agencies and a collaboration project of federal agencies (looks like I need to join). Problem -> Community -> Tools.  What is the problem?  Who is the community? How can I assess their ideas and priorities?  Great ideas, let the business need drive the process.  This is definitely something that we’ve been trying to do with our partners at D. HHS.

What do other people get for participating?  Get some awards and incentives for the folks contributing their best and brightest ideas!


I hate that the government is so big that I have no clue what is going on even within HHS.  ePolicyWorks Health Care is a pretty cool tool that is actively used by the Department of Health and Human Services.  How did this slip underneath my radar?  I gotta get talking to the folks who are helping to put this program into practice.  It uses Microsoft SharePoint 2007, heck we’ve got it goin’ on too, so we definitely should be able to take full advantage of it to create a similar site for a P&C Menu of tools.  Looks like it’s Section 508 compliant already to boot.  You gotta be kidding me, this is fantastic stuff.  If single sign-on actually goes live, we could be in business!

First Thing We Do, Let’s Friend All the Lawyers by Elizabeth Hochberg, Hope O’Keefe

Engage the lawyers first so that things can be sped up during the process.  Pretty decent advice, engage with the people who may have a say in your project early on.  I think this is very useful information, we need to engage with lawyers early on to bring them in on our side.  The risk of not including a lawyer upfront means jail, job loss, or a lawsuit =(.  Gov 2.0 is government property?  If it’s free it’s a gift?  Dang, this is complicated!  Everything on is free for government as well as free for others, otherwise there’re problems.  Wait, what about Uservoice and Ideascale?  Well, apparently the government can negotiate a market rate of … zero…

This is interesting – multi-year agreements usually get cut back to one year with additional option years because the Antideficiency Act says we can’t promise to pay for something unless we have money in hand.  That’s good to know!  Everytime someone posts on Facebook, it’s not a record… ooo.. records management, the boogeyword!!  We need to figure out the issues with moderation and user generated content.  If something is put up that you don’t like, it doesn’t mean you can just take it down.

Facebook is featured in this session. There’s a negotiated terms of service for the Federal government.  Examples include taking off the advertisements and being incredibly responsive to GSA (supposedly).  The problem is the actual page versus the community page.  Community pages are using logos without trademark permission, lifting content straight from wikipedia.  I never thought about the fact that FB was violating trademarks and copyright by creating community pages.  “Conversations are ongoing…”  For all those complaining about Facebook’s privacy issues, this is a great argument to make. Diaspora* could be making headway?

Key thing: Federal Government cannot negotiate laws.  Companies can negotiate policies.  Guess who will win?

Start of the Day

Day 3 of the expo.  I’m actually a little sad that’s it’s almost over, there’s been some really great speakers and conferences here.  I’m looking forward to a session on friending lawyers followed by next generation policy making.  After that are the keynote speakers featuring none other than the bossman himself, Todd Park, speaking on “How Open Data Can Improve America’s Health.”  Duke University’s very own Sonal Shah will be speaking on “Participation and Innovation in America.”  All said and done though, I’m crossing my fingers to win an iPad (just in time for Lambda Phi Epsilon’s National Convention too)!

2 thoughts on “Gov 2.0 Expo Live Blog Day 3

  1. Thanks for the awesome re-cap of this session. I’m in the middle of trying to figure some of this out as well and the legal and IM considerations are huge. Good to see lots of people are trying to work it out.

  2. Thanks for the shout out to the National Academy of Public Administration, Cristian! Let me know if there’s anything we can do to help, or if you want some info on joining the Collaboration Project.

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