General Meeting Closing Remarks

Board of Directors closing remarks of Saturday’s General Meeting at Lambda Phi Epsilon National Convention 2010.

This convention has been blessed by the attendance of several giants of our great fraternity.  This is the 21st time that we have gathered at a convention to celebrate our historic founding as the first and only internationally recognized Asian interest fraternity.  At the beginning, there were only 4 chapters in attendance.  Now we have 50 chapters, hundreds of actives and thousands of alumni.  So much has changed since our founding, and yet we still stand together as we did so many years ago.

Just a few years back, our fraternity was in dire straits.  Looming lawsuits and risky activities threatened to shut down the very organization that we had worked so hard to become members of.  I remember, as a new member, former National President Beung Kwon speaking of a new beginning and I think we’ve accomplished that.  We’ve finally achieved insurance for our chapters, protecting us from the worst of legal wrangling and financial ruin.  We’ve engaged our communities and universities by volunteering in philanthropy and leadership roles.  We’ve refocused the fraternity’s leadership structure to deliver real progress instead of empty promises.  We’re providing opportunities back to brothers to reward academic success.  We have all made significant strides in this past year.

But in another sense, our new beginning is a continuation of that beginning created 29 years ago, when for the first time in history, Asian American men of all backgrounds banded together to form a fraternity that would transcend location and time.  Even with our recent accomplishments, there are still mountains beyond mountains.  Many of us still engage in reckless behavior that threatens the fraternity.  We’re still on shaky financial ground and we still have much left to contribute back to the brothers, both actives and alumni.  This is why our fraternity has taken concrete steps to develop a nationwide alumni association that will re-engage and re-empower the alumni of Lambda Phi Epsilon.  This is why our fraternity has committed to taking actionable steps to recognize our brothers’ successes, be it through academics, philanthropy or leadership.

Brothers, our fraternity is poised for greatness.  Lambda Phi Epsilon is one of the largest Asian American organizations in the United States, stretching across college campuses and cities.  We have unlimited potential to affect further positive change in our community, and indeed, in this nation.  Lambda Phi Epsilon can be the preeminent Asian interest organization in North America.  Every organization will be looking at us as a model to follow.  We are the future corporate executives, politicians, and community leaders. We Lambdas are the future of America.

We live in a world that is constantly evolving.  And even though so much of it is changing and will change, much of it stands the test of time and endures in history.  We stand together at our convention symbolizing our unity under brotherhood.  This is the strength of Lambda Phi Epsilon and how we will change the world and endure the test of time.  Certainly there are many who will say, why now?  Why not wait until there are more alumni before getting this all started?  To that point, I’ll respond by asking the same question I asked to the leaders around you here: if not us, who?  If not now, when?

I challenge all of you to work together and collaboratively come up with ways that our fraternity can better serve our brothers and the Asian American community.  The national board and board of directors are here to listen to the best ideas that our fraternity has to offer and implement them to continue on our path towards greatness.  Together we will grow to become the future leaders of the world; and only together, can we succeed in this grand journey.

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