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Revolutionizing Data Access: HealthData.gov

Check out my talk on HealthData.gov at the D.C. Health 2.0 STAT event this February!

As Todd Park, the Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Department for Health and Human Services writes on the inaugural blog post, “HealthData.gov is a one-stop resource for the growing ecosystem of innovators who are turning data into new applications, services, and insights that can help improve health.”

Read more below:

I’m very excited to see what kinds of things entrepreneurs and innovators across the health and technology industry will come up with with this vast resource at their fingertips.  The release of this website is not “just another government website,” but it transforms the usefulness and relevance of federal health data.  Rather than having data that takes years to be published or is only useful for those who can manipulate STATA, MatLab, or Mathematica (which are great programs btw), HealthData.gov enables computer developers to also access the data through web services – ultimately leading to exciting new health related software applications being built for the consumer.  This is what it’s all about: transforming the way government interacts with citizens and helping people becoming healthier bit by bit.

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