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Coming at you like a freight train

I had the pleasure of visiting the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business this weekend for the admitted students weekend.  I went to LA expecting no time to hang out with my friends and all day of MBA stuff and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.  Kudos to the Admissions Ambassadors for putting together such an awesome event!

… There was so much over the past two days that I have to recompile what happened by looking at the schedule and by looking at the @USCFTMBA13 tweets …

Dropped by on Friday to find a sunny but chilly day in Los Angeles.  Go figure – I must have brought the cold weather with me from the east coast.  The afternoon kicked off with some heavy power point presentations – but honestly this was the best if not only time to do it, with the energy level still relatively high.  It was insightful to hear from Deans Ellis, Dutta, and Vaughn about the direction of the school and USC Marshall in general.  It’s finally starting to slowly sink in that I’m headed to business school in a few short months!

Curriculum and academics was covered by Dean Badame.   Looks like the “inferno week” of 7 classes and repetitive papers/examinations/quizzes is no longer there and students only ever take 5 classes at any given time.  Class of 2012 – thanks for being the guinea pigs!  We got some good overview of the major classwork we’d be engaged in, but one notable professor that I have to mention is Prof. Konchitchki (accounting).  I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who’s as excited about accounting as he is.  If you could imagine someone with the energy of Todd Park in Healthcare but in accounting, you’ll know exactly what I mean.  I’m glad that the professors were all engaging and interesting – here’s to hoping that it holds true throughout the next two years too!

Club fair gave me a great chance to browse through the different clubs and organizations that are at Marshall.  One of the things that I very quickly realized was that every time I moved to a new career-oriented club, I began thinking of a career in that field right after talking to the students!  I think the challenge for me is to not spread myself too thin as I have a habit of doing regularly… but I’m sure my fellow classmates will help keep me in line though.

The second day brought even more admitted students to the event (I guess some folks couldn’t get off work on Friday) and a heavy dose of career oriented stuff.  I’m a little surprised at how fast everything comes together and starts moving.  Resume workshops in May/June, resumes done by classes starting… I thought I just got done with work!  Yes – this is all really coming up fast.

The last major thing that I’d like to cover was the case competition. We were presented with a short case study on Disney’s acquisition of Pixar and thrown into the mix with a group of 4 other admitted students to come up with an analysis and recommendations. It was great to experience the academic setting first hand, but the best part of it was getting to know my other team members.  I really had a blast getting thrown into the fire with some of my potential classmates and I can only hope for some great times ahead in the future.

All in all I had a great time at the USC admit weekend.  The folks I met there were fantastic and all of them were superstars in what they did.  I really enjoyed finding the other Dukies (both admitted and current MBA students) at USC, meeting the GMATClub applicants in person, and finding other fellow Washington, D.C. admits.  I know I talked a lot about the events that were run, but it was really my fellow admits that made the weekend for me.  Thanks everyone – hope to see you again soon!

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