USC Marshall

Reflections on USC Marshall School of Business

I know I said I might edit my last blog post, but I am just way too lazy to do that.  Instead, I’m going to summarize my three key take-aways from this past weekend at the USC Marshall FTMBA 2013 Admit Weekend.  I think this will be more useful and reflective to both future students and to myself in the long term than just a recap of what happened. So here we go!

1. The 3 C’s:

The 3 C’s kept getting drilled into my (and the other admits’) head(s) over and over again.  I got a sense that Marshall really paid equal attention to the community, to the curriculum, and to careers.  I also got a sense that it would be coming at me full-force; starting early in the summer I’d be cracking on my resume in preparation for internships.  I really appreciated the steps that the administration and faculty took to set students up for success, whether it was through summer academic preparation programs or resume foundation workshops.  It sounds like a lot but I’m confident I’ll be able to juggle it successfully.

2. Trojan Family/School Spirit:

USC Marching Band Playing During the USC Marshall FTMBA Class of 2013 Admit Weekend Dinner.

I probably heard “Trojan Family” as much over the weekend as I did references to the 3 C’s. Schools talk a lot about their network, but USC is one school that can walk the walk while talking the talk.  There was no shortage of USC alumni that were willing to talk about the Marshall School with me prior, during, and after my admittance to the program.  The one other thing was the depth of school spirit that existed at Marshall.  School spirit is something that is incredibly important to me.  Coming from Duke, I wanted a school with a strong sports program that students could rally behind.  It goes without saying that USC has that in spades.  Not to mention, USC and Duke couldn’t be further apart in sports (football vs basketball, Pac-10 vs ACC) – the chance of a clash is infinitesimal.

3. Toughen up that Liver…?

As much as I heard about the 3 C’s and the Trojan Family, the one other consistent message that I heard (from students & alumni, not the administration), is related to the fact that I should have a superhero strength liver.  Take that for what it’s worth.  I found it amusing that throughout the application cycle (yes, even at the interview), I was dropped hints regarding the fact that I should toughen up my liver.  Can’t wait to see this in action (I think?).

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