Vancouver is not in Asia

Game 2.

Stanley Cup Finals.

Alexandre Burrows buries (see what I did there) a puck 11 seconds into overtime to give the Vancouver Canucks the game-winning goal.


Walking home from Penn Quarter Sports Tavern (where the Canadians hang out), I passed a somewhat drunken looking fellow and his friend sporting a Boston Bruins cap.

“F*** YOU!”

“Well, a good game to you too!” <- signature Canadian niceness


Wait….. what?  This is about the point where my logical analysis of his thought process breaks down completely.  Let’s explore this a bit.  I’m wearing my Vancouver Canucks t-shirt, surely he must have meant go back to Canada? Well, no, he definitely said Asia…  Well, I get it, Vancouver has a lot of Asian people, ha ha!  No, no… I don’t think he meant it that way either.  I guess it must have been that I’m Asian.

I thought about an appropriate retort, but I think going with signature Canadian niceness just added more insult to injury (for his team’s loss).  Perhaps if this happens next time I’ll take the opportunity to let them know that Vancouver, while having a fairly large Asian population, is in Canada, and that he should go and take some world geography.

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