On Travel: The Duality of Cities

I think cities are one of the most interesting places in the world to travel to.  To the average person, that’s a pretty obvious statement.  “Cities are where the interesting thing happen,” one might think.  But for me, traveling to cities is more than simply a function of having more activities to keep a trip interesting.  If that were the case, I’d rather stay home where I know where all the interesting activities are taking place rather than travel across to some distant place only to realize that I’m not at all aware of the social scene there.

No, traveling to cities is great because they present for me the greatest juxtaposition of humanity.  On one hand we have the towering skyscrapers that hang over many downtowns and skylines.  On the other there is the slums, the skid rows, the unmentionables.  In between those extremes there is everything, from small suburb within a city type areas to centres where culture and art flourish.

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