Living in a post-superpower world: USA & Lambdas

I often find that events happening in the world parallel things that are happening in a micro-level around my life.  I’ve always been a firm believer that there aren’t really that many unique events in the world, that macro-level events replicate themselves in microenvironments.  The example I’m going to use is “superpowers in a post-superpower world,” or more specifically, “How Lambda Phi Epsilon mirrors the United States of America.”  I’m finding it increasingly fascinating how similar the problems of each are to each other and how even more similar the responses that each group can take to their problems can be.

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NOAA Tsunami Propagation

Lambda Phi Epsilon Japan Relief Fund

Please forward to those who you think will be willing to help.

To the Brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon,

The terrifying news of an 8.9 magnitude earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011 in Japan has shocked everyone by surprise. Videos and pictures of the horrendous aftermath are depicted all over the media. The catastrophic tsunami waves swept across the Northern coast of Japan and destroyed houses, lives, and people’s dreams. It’s been declared as one of the most destructive natural disasters in the history. As of now, the death toll has reached over two thousand people and the total is expected to surpass tens of thousands, but the damages to the hearts and souls of all those who are affected is immeasurable. The pain and suffering of the victims can be felt all the way across the Pacific in United States.
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General Meeting Closing Remarks

Board of Directors closing remarks of Saturday’s General Meeting at Lambda Phi Epsilon National Convention 2010.

This convention has been blessed by the attendance of several giants of our great fraternity.  This is the 21st time that we have gathered at a convention to celebrate our historic founding as the first and only internationally recognized Asian interest fraternity.  At the beginning, there were only 4 chapters in attendance.  Now we have 50 chapters, hundreds of actives and thousands of alumni.  So much has changed since our founding, and yet we still stand together as we did so many years ago.

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