Capital Hearts for Japan

Capital Hearts & Hope for Japan

Over March 25 and 26, two events were held here in Washington, D.C. to benefit the survivors of the recent Japan Earthquake & Tsunami.  Both the events were co-hosted by a plethora of groups across the DMV area.  I had the pleasure of working closely with the organizers of both events and being able to see first-hand how relief fundraisers can come together in a weeks time.  One of the things that I took away from this was how incredibly fast people can work to set up an event when they’re united behind a cause. It’s really incredible that within a week the events were able to draw support ranging from the Japanese Embassy to student groups at the University of Maryland.

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NOAA Tsunami Propagation

Lambda Phi Epsilon Japan Relief Fund

Please forward to those who you think will be willing to help.

To the Brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon,

The terrifying news of an 8.9 magnitude earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011 in Japan has shocked everyone by surprise. Videos and pictures of the horrendous aftermath are depicted all over the media. The catastrophic tsunami waves swept across the Northern coast of Japan and destroyed houses, lives, and people’s dreams. It’s been declared as one of the most destructive natural disasters in the history. As of now, the death toll has reached over two thousand people and the total is expected to surpass tens of thousands, but the damages to the hearts and souls of all those who are affected is immeasurable. The pain and suffering of the victims can be felt all the way across the Pacific in United States.
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