Good Job USA, you let Canada overtake you…

This morning I came across an article in the Washington Post: “U.S. goes from leading to lagging in young college graduates.”  by Daniel de Vise (link included below)

With all the colleges, universities, and vocational schools across the United States, we somehow still managed to fall from number 1 in the world for folks aged 25-34 with post-secondary degrees to number 12;  Canada jumped to number 1.  What the heck is going on?

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Bending the Curve, Education Style.

I recently read an article in the Pacific Citizen, JACL‘s newspaper, titled “CSU Votes to Grant Honorary Degrees to WWII Internees.”  Warren T. Furutani, a State Assemblyman in California, introduced a bill last year to grant honorary degrees to those Nisei students who were forced to drop out of school during WWII and sent to internment camps here in the USA.

It seems a little silly to only now recognize the importance of this bill, especially since it’s been a year after it was passed, but this story is not only about recognizing the sacrifice of fellow Americans.  It is also about recognizing the importance of education.  By granting honorary degrees to those who failed to complete their studies, we recognize how important a college degree is.

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